When Vampires Attack

This was my first website, unleashed on a largely unaware world back in 2004. It was also my first effort at Flash animation for which I apologise in advance. (This was pre-Youtube so I’m amazed I got this far really).

For a rationale on the whole thing I turn you over to me, circa 2004.

This site grew out of a conversation in a pub (I believe many websites begin this way). The concept is simply this: any film can be made better by having vampires attack at some pivotal point. The original idea came from reading an entry in the Dorama Encyclopedia (an authoritative account of Japanese Television Drama since 1953 ) about the series Tennen Shojo Mann where the writers employed this very technique to boost flagging ratings. When Vampires Attack seemed the natural extension of this concept.

And here are the 3 videos I produced to illustrate my thesis that by the simple addition of a vampire any film can be made better.
Apollo 13


Free Willy