Play/Record – script, audio play & Documentary

Play/Record started out as a pilot script for Amazon Studios. It’s a 30 minute episodic comedy based in a recording studio. I don’t think any writer who isn’t already established thinks Amazon will be plucking them from obscurity and making them famous. However the writer’s forums on the site are a good place to go for feedback and to read other peoples work. It’s also interesting to read the first drafts of some of the pilots Amazon has picked up and see just how they developed from script to screen. This is the final script I uploaded to Amazon (Version 24) along with the series bible. I’m now working on developing the series as audio plays which to start production in late 2018.

Last year I started work on a documentary project about the continuing use of tape in music recording studios and I decided to run it under the Play/Record moniker as well. So far I’ve been to speak to Matt Colton and Barry Grint at Alchemy Mastering, Julie McLarnon at Analogue Catalogue and the band Cloakroom when they were on tour in the UK. More interviews are planned for 2018 and you can find out some more about the project on the Play/Record site.


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